Carlton County: Moose Lake

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  • "..History Moose Lake was one of the communities affected by the massive 1918 Cloquet Fire. The Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Depot is a museum that tells the story of that fire. The Minnesota Home Guard provided assistance to the area following the fire.[4] Notable graduates from Moose Lake High School include poet and novelist David Athey, author of Danny Gospel.[1] ..

    Pop culture references
    In the children's video series VeggieTales, there is an ongoing gag regarding Moose Lake. In the episode The End of Silliness?, when a petition is made to bring back Silly Songs with Larry, Dr. Archibald reveals to Larry that it was signed by the entire population of Duluth, Minnesota and one citizen of Moose Lake, to which Larry responds, "Wow, Moose Lake!" The petition in the video is a digitized version of an actual petition drive created by Duluth radio station WNCB (now The Refuge) in response to a reported ending of the "Silly Songs With Larry" segment of the videos.

    VeggieTales - End Of Silliness?

    " In the 20th Century Fox computer animated movie "Rio", Jesse Eisenberg's character lived in Moose Lake, the setting was picked because one of the screenwriters of the film; Don Rhymer, grew up in Moose Lake, Minnesota
    Rio Story Mode Walkthrough - Moose Lake


  • Moose Lake State Park,

  • "..Rolling hills surrounded by fields, woods, ponds and fishing lakes make this park popular for hikers, anglers, canoeists, swimmers and campers. Quiet Echo Lake is ideal for catching bass, northerns and panfish. The Willard Munger Trail is located two miles west of the park. The trail stretches for 60 miles from Hinckley to west Duluth...

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