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  • St. Paul Parish, from

  • 304 Sinclair Lewis Ave. Sauk Centre, MN 56378-1343 US


  • City of Sauk Centre
  • Thoughts of the public summarized - 4/21/11

    "Joyce speaking at tonight's April 21 school board meeting.'


    Sauk Centre Historical Society Presents A Walk To Remember

    "This is a promo clip of a project for the Sauk Centre Area Historical Society in Sauk Centre Minnesota. The full length video is available for purchase by contacting the Sauk Centre Historical Society. I hope you enjoy!"


  • Natural Disasters


    Straight Line Winds:

  • Severe Storm Leaves Behind Damage in Sauk Centre, Created: 07/11/2011 6:03 PM

  • "SAUK CENTRE, Minn. (KSAX) - Severe storms ripped through parts of Greater Minnesota Sunday night. Sauk Centre experienced significant damage as a result. Trees were uprooted, power lines knocked down and cars damaged, leaving behind wide spread damage to the town.
    Joe Klappa rushed him and his family to the basement of their Sauk Centre home Sunday night shortly after 8 p.m.
    "Get to the basement. Get everyone to the basement, get away from the windows," Klappa said, “It was scary, it was really scary".
    84 mile per hour straight line winds blew through Sauk Centre and Klappa feared for the worse.
    "It was started blowing really badly. And raining really hard,” Klappa said, "About that time I was starting to think tornado. And with all the storms we've been having this year, it's been real scary".
    The mayor of Sauk Centre, Brad Kirckof said the whole city lost power around 8:15 p.m. Sunday night, just before the storm hit, leaving many without any warning.
    "The sirens did not go off,” Kirckof said, “Due to the fact that the power was out prior to the storm actually hitting the community, we believe that will have some impact on why those sirens did not sound".
    The city shut down shortly after losing power, to cleaning up, assess the damage and to ensure the safety of the community. It reopened early Monday morning.
    Kirckof said all the support has been tremendous.
    "All of our surrounding communities have offered their assistance, and we have five teams right now working to restore power which is a very key point right now", Kirckof said.
    No one was injured during the severe storm or throughout the cleanup process but Kirckof said the event is still devastating to the small historic town.
    "The history is a very important part so with what we're seeing today and the devastation to the trees and even some of the buildings, will play a big role and impact to the community,” Kirckof said.
    The city of Sauk Centre teamed up with the volunteer organization, CERT, to clean up the remaining debris. If you need assistance with the clean up, dial 211 for help. More information is available on the Sauk Centre Chamber website: Written for the web by Emily Reppert "

    Sauk Centre sirens malfunction before fierce storm 5:59 PM, Jul 11, 2011 Written by Trisha Volpe

    "SAUK CENTRE, Minn. -- Storms blew up fast in central Minnesota late Sunday night and in one of the hardest hit areas, no sirens warned people what was coming their way.
    The mayor of Sauk Centre, Brad Kirckof says the sirens were activated, but did not sound. Luckily no one was hurt when 84 mile per hour straight-line winds blew through town.
    Technicians are trying to figure out why the sirens did not sound. Kirckof says they are looking into whether a widespread power outage before the storm hit had anything to do with the malfunction.
    Across Sauk Centre Monday, folks cleaned up from what seemed like a storm of near misses. Some homes were damaged, but even more trees fell between houses instead of one top of them. With a lot of close calls, residents consider themselves lucky, even Kyle Wolbek, whose truck has seen better days. A tree fell on top of it.
    "It can always be one got hurt. That's the main thing. Vehicles are replaceable," Kyle said.
    The city park was one of the hardest hit areas, where beautiful spruce trees once towered over visitors.
    "When you see a tree like that and how it tore up the turf...that's a strong strong wind," said MeRoy Lillehaugen as he described a nearly 100 foot tree that is now lying on the ground in the park.
    Sauk Centre's mayor says that at one point last night, the entire town was without power.
    (Copyright 2011 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.) "


  • The Nobel Prize in Literature 1930 Sinclair Lewis,

  • "..I was born in a prairie village in that most Scandinavian part of America, Minnesota, the son of a country doctor, in 1885. Until I went East to Yale University I attended the ordinary public school, along with many Madsens, Olesons, Nelsons, Hedins, Larsons. Doubtless it was because of this that I made the hero of my second book, The Trail of the Hawk, a Norwegian, and Gustaf Sondelius, of Arrowsmith, a Swede - and to me, Dr. Sondelius is the favorite among all my characters...
    Main Street, published late in 1920, was my first novel to rouse the embattled peasantry and, as I have already hinted, it had really a success of scandal. One of the most treasured American myths had been that all American villages were peculiarly noble and happy, and here an American attacked that myth. Scandalous. Some hundreds of thousands read the book with the same masochistic pleasure that one has in sucking an aching tooth.
    Since Main Street, the novels have been Babbitt (1922); Arrowsmith (1925); Mantrap (1926); Elmer Gantry (1927); The Man Who Knew Coolidge (1928); and Dodsworth (1929). The next novel, yet unnamed, will concern idealism in America through three generations, from 1818 till 1930-an idealism which the outlanders who call Americans «dollar-chasers» do not understand. It will presumably be published in the autumn of 1932, and the author's chief difficulty in composing it is that, after having received the Nobel Prize, he longs to write better than he can. ...

    Mainstreet Revisited

    "This video explores billboards and the outdoor advertising industry and its effect on rural Minnesota. "Mainstreet Revisited" is a short story about signs, icons and changing times. Produced by Scenic Minnesota. CC 2010"


  • Diamond Point Steak House & Lounge

  • 12818 Bayview Drive Sauk Centre, Minnesota 56378 Phone: 320.352.2321 Toll Free: 800.358.9541


    Main St Sauk Centre, MN. SEP 8 2010 b.MP4

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