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I (Sal) was recommended by friends to go further northeast of the shore on Lake Superior from Duluth, so we drove 20 minutes further to this beautiful city...

One of the first historic landmarks we saw was the North Shore Scenic Railroad

Steam locomotive in Two Harbors, Minnesota

"Steam locomotive #2719 enters Two Harbors Depot from Duluth, MN. Passengers enjoy a scenic ride along the North Shore of Lake Superior."

Agate Bay's Six-Story Steel and Concrete Ore-Docks

In front of the structure is the Edna G tugboat

Ice Breaking in Agate Bay, Two Harbors, Lake Superior

"The Duluth Harbor tug, North Carolina, performs ice breaking duties in Agate Bay, Two Harbors, Minnesota to signal the start of the 2008 shipping season."

Two Harbors Light Station-Bed & Breakfast

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  • 2nd Trip with relatives from the Philippines on Thursday, July 3rd of 2008

    While we were visiting, there was a cargo ship being loaded. Last time I was here, I rememembered getting close to the docks. Since there was a ship being loaded, a security guard was present at the gate. He asked me, "How can I help you?", which I responded, "Isn't this a tourist area". He said, "no", so I left saying "oops..sorry" as I turned back. We stayed here for only about 20 minutes since we wanted to checkout the next town along the North Shore-Goosebury Falls!

    Along the 13+ minute ride-up the shore, we went through some cool tunnels...

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  • Silver Cliff
    "On Hwy 61 east of Two Harbors Silver Cliff is the highest bluff rising directly out of Lake Superior. In 1923, builders carved Highway 61 out of the cliffside 125 feet above the lake. The new tunnel provides a safer thoroughfare and features a wayside area, allowing visitors to take in the cliffside views.
  • tunnel between gooseberry falls and duluth, mn, from

  • Two Harbors Journal; A Highway Is Viewed As Killer And Victim , THE NEW YORK TIMES Published: January 4, 1990

  • "..The remedy for the erosion began to take shape in December, when round-the-clock blasting began at Lafayette Bluff for the first of two tunnels that will divert traffic from the parts of Highway 61 that have begun to crack and tilt because of the erosion. The tunnels are an early project in a $93.4 million program of improvements to include new roadway shoulders, passing zones and bridges, all scheduled for completion by the year 2006. "

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  • "..This is a boring clip of the main road in Two Harbors, Minnesota"


    Grandma's Marathon

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  • "..Time lapse video of Grandma's Marathon route. 26.2 Miles from Two Harbors Minnesota to Duluth Minnesota. This video was shot from END to Start. My first try with time lapse video making."


  • City of Two Harbors
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    Goosebury Falls (High & Middle)-Two Harbors, Minnesota

    "Beautiful place to visit..."

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  • Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

  • "is the gateway to the North Shore. It is known for its spectacular waterfalls, river gorge, Lake Superior shoreline, Civilian Conservation Corps log and stone structures, and north woods wildlife.
    Listen to the thunderous roar of the Upper, Middle and Lower Falls of the Gooseberry River as it plummets through a rocky gorge. Watch for waves, ships, or the moon rise on Lake Superior from an ancient lava flow known as the Picnic Flow. .."

    Gooseberry Falls Minnesota

    "..We were up here on May 25th of this year. The couple in here are no relation t...o us. There are several falls at this state park and this is..."
    "..The rustic style resources in Gooseberry Falls State Park were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps between 1934 and 1941. The structures are notable for their stone construction, using red, blue, brown, and black granite. The designs were supervised by the Minnesota Central Design Office of the National Park Service and construction was supervised by two Italian stone masons. "

    {2008 Photo Gallery)

    A "young" couple we met while taking our last photos of the "Upper Falls". The lady used to work for the University of Minnesota and the husband worked as an engineer in Baguio, ironic!


  • GooseBerry Falls 2/16/2008,

  • "Went to check out the falls in the winter, Pretty awesome.We thought the falls where completely frozen, then we took a closer look.The ice has to be at least 6 inches thick but the water can be seen running behind it. Also found a spot of the falls we were able to walk behind."
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  • The North Shore Minnesota

    "I took a family vacation with the giesens. the video is from lustsen, two harbors, duluth, tofte, and some other random towns. I made another one too but i made that one on 4 hours of sleep in 2 days and did a half assed job. this is the new, improved, and revised version. enjoy.."

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