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  • Stillwater Churches in Stillwater MN ,

  • "...- Phone, website, email and ... Find a Stillwater MN Church in our directory of Stillwater churches with contact information and details including phone, website, email address, ...

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    Stillwater, MN Fireworks 7/4/07

    "Fireworks at the Stillwater, MN 2007 Foruth of July celebration."


  • City of Stillwater

  • " Official city government site offering a wide variety of community information, commission, department and staff information and contacts. Frames page.
  • City of Stillwater

  • " a dynamic, growing community of approximately 18,000 residents nestled into the bluffs of the St. Croix River, one of America's protected Wild and Scenic Waterways. Located just 20 miles east of downtown St. Paul, our family-oriented community offers the advantages and conveniences of living near the Twin Cities metropolitan area plus the peacefulness and safety of small town Minnesota. Excellent schools and a wide variety of recreational opportunities add to the high quality of life here in the St. Croix Valley...



    The Lost Dogs, Stillwater, MN 3 of 3

    "River Valley Christian Church in Stillwater said, "On Friday, July 16, 2010 The Lost Dogs (Michael Roe, Terry Scott Taylor, Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong) will be playing in Stillwater, MN. You may have never heard of them, but they have stood the test of time and are counted among the best musicians in the business." So my buddy Donnie and I went on down to see the band. Pegtop opened, apparently some friends of Don from a previous band they'd been in. I haven't been even slightly involved with Contemporary Christian Music (or anything) in lots of years--so this was bittersweet nostalgia for me. I remember hanging out with Michael Rowe for about 3.5 minutes at a festival in Kentucky that my band was playing at--in about 1985. He goosed me by saying I knew more about The Smiths than he did. Har. Anyway, he plays his rubbery-string hot rod guitar on this tune. Not all that bad."


  • Square Lake Park, from
  • -Summer


    Ice diving in Square Lake Minnesota, about 1987


  • Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, from

  • " Explore the beautiful St. Croix Valley from charming Stillwater. Unique shops, galleries and fine restaurants dot our historic downtown. ...

    St. Croix Winery-Apple Orchard

    *see Foods: Agriculture, Horticulture-Gardening, Farming, etc...


    Post-July 4th 2010 on Main Street Stillwater, Minnesota

    "Some buddies and I traveling down Main Street coming from the north after "hanging-out" at Square Lake on a rainy storm day! "

    Travel and Beauty in Stillwater MN

    ""A Trip to Treasures in the Valley" is a unique view into the amazing sight that one can see in Stillwater MN. From Beautiful Landscapes on Bluffs from a high, to Historically rich architecture and one of a kind experiences. Come Visit Stillwater MN for a travel experience you won't soon forget."

    Paddlewheeler in Stillwater, MN


    September 2012

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